About Us

Hill Group Investments, LLC DBA - EIN Filing Service℠, is a third party, for Profit Company, that provides various individual and business document preparation and filing services. EIN Filing Service is in no way directly affiliated with or endorsed by the US Department of the Treasury, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, or any government agency.

EIN Filing Service' Corporate Office

How we got started in the document preparation & filing business

We started as new business owners that needed a Tax ID Number in order to open our new business bank account. As such, we went out on the Internet to apply for our EIN Number. We quickly realized the need for an assisted service when attempting to go at the process for free on our own. In return, we opted to create EIN Filing Service℠ and offer services to assist with the process of obtaining a new EIN.

We act as a third party designee, to legally act on our customers behalf with the IRS. Immediately following the issuance of our clients new EIN Number our third party designee status ends. We have a professional and courteous staff on standby waiting to assist you.

EIN Filing Service President, Justin Hill, quotes: "Not every business is the same. We have seen countless business owners make the comment, 'I wish I would have used your service the first time around because I chose the wrong type of business entity when filing my SS-4 Form on my own.' That is why EIN Filing Service℠ focuses only on helping you file for a Tax ID Number using the correct business entity type with a personalized approach."

We look forward to assisting you with your new Tax ID Number and we make every effort possible to insure our service runs as smooth as possible helping to get your new business off the ground fast!